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2003 Fan Book Plans
I had planned to do one for 2002, but alot of things came up last year so I didn't have the time to. This fan book will be done the same way I did the one that was done in 2001, with similar guidelines and you will also have more time to send things in. But please make sure you read all of the guidelines below.

Here are the guidelines for entries for the fan book * of 2003:

  Nothing too fanatical (a little bit is fine)
  Home and/or e-mail addresses are okay **
  No phone numbers ***
  Letters to the guys as a group separately from ones for each guy ****
  All letters no longer than 2 pages preferably *****
  If you have a photo of yourself with the guys, please send that also ******
  Any poems, artwork, etc. can be sent too (the more creativity, the better)

* If you're in the Dog Pound, do mention that
** Please remember though that there's no guarauntees that they would be able to send any e-mail or snail mail
*** Due to time contraints with travel between shows, they probably wouldn't have time to call
**** Birthday messages for a particular guy will work as a letter
***** If letters are just a tad longer than 2 pages, I can reduce the font before printing
****** Any photos with the group, or just one of the guys will work (if a photo is blurry, don't send it)

Due to the volume of e-mail I get in the account linked to this site, please send any letters, poems, etc. to